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You want a patio cover.  Actually, you need a patio cover.  Not a wooden patio cover, of course…why deal with the fading, peeling, cracking paint, sagging support beams, termites and inevitable rot issues?  Metal it is.  A guaranteed paint job and low maintenance are the cornerstone of your backyard decoration planning.  Smart.


Now the tough choice…what kind?  How hard can it be, right?  Solid or open lattice, take it or leave it.  Maybe half and half…I like it, maybe.  Which half goes where?  Which half of the barbecue gets rained on next Saturday? Who out of the group gets shade and who gets sun in their eyes?  Hmmm…If only there was a patio cover that could give me shade when I wanted it and sun when I wanted it…is that too much to ask?  Nope.

Enter the Equinox from Amerimax Building Products.  They like to say it’s the best of both worlds, and it is hard to disagree with that statement.  The Equinox is a motorized, remote-controlled patio cover that opens and closes.  Voila!  With its extremely durable, heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction, this patio cover is designed for a lifetime of use.  It installs in about the same amount of time as a traditional solid or lattice, and performs the duties of each.  Grab the remote and open the overhead louvered slats, or blades, and give your outdoor space full sun for that early morning breakfast and newspaper.  Close the blades as the sun rises towards noon and enjoy full shade during the heat of the day.  And its not an open or closed proposition, either.  Perhaps the nicest option is to angle the blades as needed as the sun angle changes.
The electrical motor used to rotate the blades can be hard-wired into your home system, or a solar power option is available.  One enterprising customer wired his sprinkler system rain sensor into his Equinox so it would automatically close the blades when it starts to rain.  That’s not a factory option, but I admire his ingenuity!

This patio cover option is a bit pricier than a standard solid or lattice patio cover, but the value of having both of your options included tends to outweigh the added cost.  A way to keep that cost down?  Combine a section of Equinox with one or more sections of the less expensive traditional design for a whole new look!  This has proven to be a huge seller in Southern California.  Pick the area you would like to have open and close, then finish out your patio with the rest!

It is very nice to have another option when deciding on your outdoor entertaining shade requirements.  Check out the Equinox at or  You may agree that, as far as patio covers go, it is “the best of both worlds.”

  1. June 27, 2012

    Approx. time required to install a 10×14 cover depending on style or type of course?
    And how much difference in price approx. is it between the open lattice type patio and
    the Equinox of the same size (10×14)?

    • June 27, 2012

      A 10 x 14 Alumawood Open Lattice patio cover would cost approximately $2145.00 plus the cost of the permit in your area.  An Equinox cover of the same size would be $6860.00 plus those same permit costs.  Installation time for the Open Lattice is one day, while the Equinox would take two days to complete.  These costs include taxes.  Hope this helps!

      • June 28, 2012

        Thanks for the fast courteous reply. Really gave us gave info to help make a decision.
        Only other question would be if you required an immed. cleared area to proceed?
        Anyone with an old patio cover is faced with this also. ( Doubt if you have a demolition crew?)
        But that would have to be the first step taken as well as having the new patio cover order in place.

        • June 28, 2012

          We do indeed have demo crews. Please give us a call at (909) 390-0555 and we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free estimate including teardown and whatever else you might need.

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